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Tips for commentary writing

As someone who has read thousands of essays, though, I noticed that many students try to make a strong point using a lot of quotes. To get better results, you should find the quotes and decide for yourself which ones are the most valuable and truly speak to the reader.

The commentary can be based on one element of a literary work or analyze general features. The choice will depend on the author of the essay. Almost every paper has to be written according to academic rules, i.e., by following formal language and avoiding slang and personal pronouns.

A commentary requires deep knowledge, analysis, and critical thinking

Use commentary sentences to the main points in the text. If you are a high school, college, or university student, you might have to write a commentary essay sooner or later.

Each exhibit must be provided as an electronic file that either can be edited or is a high-resolution image. If the exhibit is created in Microsoft Word, each element of the exhibit should be editable. If you provide graphs that are derived from data in an Excel spreadsheet, include the data points to ensure that we reproduce the graphs accurately. commentary writing Be sure to clearly identify any direct quotes you use from the feature articles by enclosing them in quotation marks. On the basis of your own knowledge, experiences, healthcare management background, point of view, approaches, and so on, consider how you would deal with the situation or position presented in the feature articles.

Audience and Genre

When you move to a new example, use a good transition word or phrase. Some examples are “similarly”, “conversely”, and “again”.

However, here’s where another danger often arises. When drawing a conclusion based on data, make sure that conclusion is well-supported and that your claim is reasonable.

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Observe how the tone changes to understand the fluctuations of the mood and changes in the situations or events. Meredith is the founder and creator of TeachWriting.org and Bespoke ELA. She has taught high school English for 10+ years in Dallas, Chicago, and New York City and holds a M.A. She has always had a connection to the written word– through songwriting, screenplay writing, and essay writing– and she enjoys the process of teaching students how to express their ideas. Meredith enjoys life with her husband, daughter, and sweet pups. An avid tea drinker and anglophile, Meredith enjoys life with her husband, daughter, and sweet pups. This is also another very basic method for targeting commentary, but it WORKS!

  • They read critically, aware of what’s left out, what’s partial or unfair.
  • Some examples are “similarly”, “conversely”, and “again”.
  • Not that he hasn’t gone out into the world; he has gone out into it, and out into it, and out into it—but at the end he chooses to go underground, to live there and to wait.
  • Commentaries can also be written on quotes, short texts, articles).

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Mention about the theme, subject, and audience

Once you have read the text several times and highlighted the words, you can create an outline of your commentary. This is a general way to prepare a commentary, unlike an essay which requires a thesis statement. Analyse the structure of the article and its content and prepare an outline accordingly. A data commentary is similar to other types of commentaries in that it requires you to analyze an existing set of information. But instead of commenting on a book or film, you are writing about a set of data. A data commentary may occasionally be a stand-alone piece of writing, but it is typically found in the end of a report, generally called the Results or Discussion. Because Gold’s work serves my purposes, let me say a word or two more about him.

commentary writing

Many subjects may be quite unclear to an ordinary reader—meaning many points can be misunderstood. Students write commentary essays to evaluate various concepts and analyze the subject in a broader scope. In many high school and college courses you will be asked to write a literary commentary. This assignment requires you to evaluate a piece of literature, most often a novel, poem, or play. The key part of a successful commentary is a strong, clear thesis statement.

Easy Steps To Write A Commentary Effectively

Metaphor, imagery, smile, and alliteration are the devices that can be used to intensify the meaning of the sentence and the message. Identify them and mention in your commentary to describe the point. It can be used to discuss the theme and key points of the text. Refer the sources to understand the literary devices and how to find them in the text so that you can make your discussion effective. It will help you understand and determine the structure of the content. If the content is in long sentences and paragraphs, it can be a descriptive writing on a traveling experience. If its a poem, it will be in short lines and will be divided into stanzas.

commentary writing

Let me begin with some words about the man who, by reputation at least, is the writer of the age. The response of college students to the works of J. The Catcher in the Rye and the recent stories in the New Yorker having to do with the Glass family surely take place in the social here and now.

What Is a Commentary Essay? As a Separate Paper

Weekly reports on topics of current interest, with pro and con arguments. A comprehensive database of biographical information, including articles from magazines and newspapers. Background information can help you contextualize your topic, adopt appropriate vocabulary and terminology, and support, refute, or define your assumptions. Idealist is an interactive site where people and organizations verbs to introduce quotes can exchange resources and ideas, locate opportunities and supporters, and take steps toward building a world where all people can lead free and dignified lives. We’ve updated our privacy policy so that we are compliant with changing global privacy regulations and to provide you with insight into the limited ways in which we use your data. Activate your 30 day free trial to continue reading.

Replace general statements with concrete examples that bring readers inside moments of your life. Data commentary with strong claims can be attractive to readers. Data commentary with strong claims are attractive to readers. Is your analysis and interpretation of the passage.

A Modest Proposal quiz, key commentary, text, and rhetorical analysis prompts

Especially those words which are bold or italic in the text as they are important. They will help you understand the important message in the text. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 640,396 times. Spontaneously submitted commentaries incur a cost of €65 per typeset page. The author will be invoiced once the commentary has been accepted for publication. Do not summarize the focal article; just give the reference. Move directly to identifying the key issues you want to raise.

  • The author of the commentary essay interprets the text in his own way, expressing his impressions.
  • It is hardly news that in best-sellerdom we frequently wind up with the hero coming to terms and settling down in Scarsdale, or wherever, knowing himself.
  • A strong topic sentence covers the paragraph’s main point.
  • The commentary is your chance to tell the judges why you translated the poem in the way that you did, and what made it particularly interesting or difficult to translate.

If we forgive this lapse, it is, I think, because we understand the depth of the despairing. In addition to translating a poem for your Stephen Spender Prize entry, we also ask you to write a short commentary ofno more than 300 words. All you need to know about writing your commentary for the Stephen Spender Prize! Read on for tips and examples, and click below to download our interactive guide. Once you’ve completed your editing, it’s time to proofread. I’ve blogged in “5 proofreading tips for quarterly investment reports” about my best proofreading tips.

There isn’t a magical formula for writing a commentary. The commentary you write depends upon what you’re reviewing, why you’re giving feedback, and what you think about the work. No matter what you’re working on, having a clear goal and strong writing will help make your commentary successful. Thank you for accepting our invitation to contribute a commentary to Frontiers of Health Services Management. Investment commentary authors often know the markets well, but lack writing and editing expertise. After all, they’re earning big bucks to manage money, not to write. You don’t want me to run your portfolio, but I’ve learned some lessons about how to edit investment commentary.

commentary writing

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